Who are we?

A family story

In 1979, Daniel and Danielle Cadiou founded their eponymous business.

The company was born on a family farm producing vegetables typical of the region like Traditional shallots, cauliflowers and artichokes.

The second generation joined the business: Gilbert and Jean-Jacques Cadiou joined the company in the 1990s and developed sales with central buying offices and the export market.

Today, Daniel Cadiou has become a key player in the world of Traditional shallots

Rooted in the Breton terroir

Our primary strength lies in our support from a local network of farmers with whom we have developed trusting relationships. It represents the foundation for the excellent quality of our products sold all year round.

Proud of our Breton roots, our 2 production and packaging sites are located in the heart of the 2 mains vegetable-farming zones of Le Léon and Le Trégor, in Plouzévédé (Finistère) and Minihy-Tréguier (Côtes d’Armor).

Along with the complementarity and the experience of our 35 employees, these facilities mean we can offer a wide range of product references and be very responsive to demand.

We manage the entire supply chain, from planting to shipping.

Development over the years

Our range of products has broadened over the last decade.

Still based on the famous Traditional shallot and the emblematic Roscoff onion, our business has developed around other alliums that are onions, garlics and echalion as well as other regional vegetables like squashes, artichokes and heirloom vegetables.

For the most part, these vegetables are grown both conventionally and organically, under our own brand or private labels.

Playing our part in transitioning towards a more responsible consumption, in our packaging range we now have cellulose net bags, paper bags and cardboard punnets.

Cadiou in a few key dates.

Our market

Historical player on the French market, we work with retailers and wholesalers.

On the international market, we work with most European countries, North America, the Middle East and the Far East.