Roscoff onion

A recognized know-how

The Roscoff onion is pink or copper in colour. It gets its name from the specific area where it has been grown since the 17th century. The Roscoff onion become internationally famous in the 19th century, thanks to the “Johnnies”, inhabitants of Roscoff and the surrounding area, who crossed the Channel to sell their produce.

Close proximity to the sea and the mild oceanic temperate climate of the northern Finistère coast provide the best conditions for growing this particular onion. With its unique flavour, easy storage and the know-how of the farmers, the Roscoff onion was awarded PDO status in 2013.

A gourmet product

As a vegetable or a condiment, raw or cooked – the choice is yours !

  • Raw, it is crunchy and very juicy and goes well in salads.
  • When cooked it becomes milder and fruitier. It is smooth and tasty in soups, sautés or cooked in sauces to serve with meat and fish.

Different from the pink onion

The main differences between a Roscoff onion and a Breton pink onion are the rigorous specifications that have been introduced as part of its PDO status, the specific and demarcated growing area, its natural storage properties and the fact the onions are hand-cleaned by farmers.

Calendar of availability

Sown in March-April, the onion is lifted in July before it is completely ripe to help concentrate its flavour. It is pulled up 10 days after lifting, then harvested within 3 to 4 days depending on the weather. This traditional harvesting method ensures the onions keep all of their taste and flavour qualities.

The Roscoff onion stores very well and is available from the end of July to the end of April.


4 pieces paper box 500g

Dpack 500g

Dpack 1kg/2kg

String 1kg

Paper bag 500g/2kg

Cardboard 5kg