The Traditional shallots were planted in optimal conditions

The planting of the Traditional shallots is almost finished ; it started the 2nd part of January and continued at a high pace during February and March thanks to an important and experienced workforce.

Also the weather conditions were particularly favourable : the winter was far less rainy this year which has facilitated the fields preparation before the planting. After a few rainy spells in the first part of March; we now have very sunny conditions which makes a perfect starting of the cultivations.

The Traditional shallot is planted, it is done by hand on a mulching in order to get a better start of the plant by warming up the field, by maintaining a good humidity level and also by preventing the development of weeds (no herbicide use).
As a reminder, the Traditional shallot mode of production is different from the seed shallot ones, which is by definition mechanically sown like the onions.